Enterprise description constituting conference schedule:

1.    Presentation of scientific publication during the conference in the form of  a public speech and furthermore, presenting it in print on one of the following topics:
a)    Life and work of Leo Kestenberg, in particular, taking into consideration, his stay in the Czech land in Austria-Hungarian period and in the time of Czech Republic in the interwar period.
b)    Music life and development  of music education and general music education in historical prospects since the beginning of XIX century- the time of creating the foundation of nationhood of Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic and Slovakia), Poland, Hungary until the present day.
c)    Orff, Kodaly as systems of music education creating mutual relationship in the countries from Visegrad Group
d)    Music pedagogics in the context of the idea of pedagogics reform, commonness of musical education and  continual development, social and cultural conditions, historical perspectives and modern realities
e)    Dialogue and international cooperation in the area of music pedagogics, art, music education and music in general education
f)    Music pedagogics in the comparative prospect – differences and similarities
g)    Tradition and innovation in common musical education
h)    Modern visions for musical education in dualism of  executive expression as well as reflective reception
i)    Music education as constant  task for education in the spirit of humanity, value and transmission of cultural heritage

2.    Presentations- music concerts during the conference, in which music compositions of Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian composers will be played (XX-XXI century). The concerts should be accompanied by the lectures on composers whose music is played on the stage.
3.    Conducting the music workshops during this conference for high school and university students. The aim is to familiarize people with Polish, Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian artistic culture.
4.    Pomeranian University is obliged to organise the exhibition about life and work of Leo Kestenberg.